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Mark Gaylard
Mark Gaylard - Dentist Toronto - Dental Mentorship Group

Director of Business
Development & Leadership

Mark Gaylard is a seasoned Peak Development Coach and Executive with an impressive track record spanning over 25 years in the dental space and corporate sector. He boasts extensive expertise and knowledge, having been personally mentored by the renowned Anthony Robbins and is a member of the esteemed Tony Robbins Foundation.

Throughout his career, Mark has excelled in various leadership roles, including COO, where he spearheaded operations for several midsize consolidators, DSOs, and private practices in both Canada and the United States.

Currently, Mark serves as the Director of Business Development for EDMS Dental Canada, where he plays a pivotal role in driving growth and innovation within the dental industry.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Mark is highly regarded as a sought-after Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and an influential industry coach & consultant.

Furthermore, Mark is a co-founder of the Dental Mentorship Group (DMG), where he also serves as the Director of Business Development and a Leadership & Legacy Coach. In this capacity, he passionately guides and empowers aspiring dental professionals to reach their full potential, emphasizing the importance of leadership and leaving a lasting legacy in their field.

Mark Gaylard's journey of success and dedication to fostering growth in the dental industry make him a true inspiration and a driving force for positive change.

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